Meet the Team
Sham and Christina Sanghera

Sham Sanghera
Private Health Consultant, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

As the CEO and Founder of Inspired Wellness, Sham’s experience includes over fifteen years of education and case studies, a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Biology (with emphasis in Exercise Physiology) and Nutrition, multiple certifications and professional memberships. His all-encompassing approach to obtaining optimal wellness and promoting lifelong change has impacted thousands of lives by teaching how to gain momentum and maintain a healthier lifestyle … without quick fixes and fads. He believes in the power of sustainable, lifelong habit changes instead of temporary results that lead to longterm frustration. He developed the Optimal Wellness E-Book with total health in mind, and the belief that anything is possible when you are willing to put in the work to truly change your life forever.

When he’s not educating clients with his unique approach, you can catch Sham at a local track doing sprints and bleachers, spending time with his wife, family and friends and traveling to sights unseen as often as possible.

Christina Sanghera
Private Health Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer

Christina has a personal history of chronic disease. After years of living on two hours of sleep, a pack of cigarettes per day, frozen meals, party after party, a job she hated which equalled constant stress, she was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disease in her late twenties. It was this startling diagnosis, and subsequent relentless symptoms, that prompted her take a leap of faith and leave her career in banking to absorb the Inspired Wellness curriculum and take a deep dive into the human body, hormone homeostasis and the management of chronic conditions. Christina now dedicates her life everyday to helping others achieve optimum health and she, too, takes a 1-1 approach to uncover what may be holding her clients back from achieving the body, and more importantly the life they deserve. Having experienced what it feels like to be chronically ill and emerging with a new lease on life, she is passionate about helping others uncover their potential for greatness both physically and mentally.

Eric Mendoza

Eric Mendoza
Hypnotherapist + Graphologist

Eric is a Hypnotherapist + Graphologist who helps individuals reach their full potential by reprogramming the subconscious mind.  His techniques have the ability, but not limited to, eliminate your fears & phobias, achieve weight-loss, and gain confidence.  As a certified graphologist, his skills allow him to help you identify personality types, communication skills, emotional stability, creativity, and a persons level of honesty – an asset for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and decision making when choosing the right employee, partners – or if you just wish to know a little bit more about yourself!

If not helping treat clients with their inner most desires, you’ll catch him getting his boxing workouts in, reading, or dabbling in photography.