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About me

You know there’s more to work, to your life, to your purpose than the daily grind.
You know it’s possible to do work that you love, and make money from it.
You know you’re called to step up and serve in a bigger and brighter way.

And when it comes to your career, you’ve tried to do it right—but you know it’s still all wrong.

I get it, love.

Finding my passion changed my life.
And as your career coach, we’re going to change yours.

From the blog

The Secret to Motivating Yourself

Have you ever thought… “I really need to start working out.” “I’d love to start my own business.” “I really need to make a career change.” “I’d like to go back to school to finish my degree.” Well, if so, you are likely to find many different articles about how to...

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Childhood & Calling

As I begin researching for my first book, I can not deny the irrefutable signs childhood memories tell you about your calling.  So much so that I dedicate a chapter to it.   I must admit that following through with this research, specifically this chapter, has...

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How to be Creative With Making Money

  Have you ever thought about how much an extra $1,000, $2,000 (or more) a month could bring into your life? Maybe it will help with bills, help put more money in your savings, or take you and your family to that amazing vacation spot you’ve been wanting to...

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